Green Apple Day of Service, which will take place worldwide on Saturday September 28, 2013, gives parents, teachers, students, companies and local organizations the opportunity to transform all schools into healthy, safe and productive learning environments through local service projects.

This year USGBC Wyoming will be organizing three Green Apple Day of Service events across the state in Jackson, Laramie and Gillette.

  1. The Jackson Hole Youth Soccer tournament brings in roughly 5,000 people to town. Volunteers will manage recycling and trash collection at the event. Shift signups and additional information can be found here.
  2. In Laramie volunteers will be doing a fall clean-up of gardens and greenhouses, as well as building a raised garden bed for an heirloom melon garden. More information on the event can be found here.
  3. Gillette’s Event will take place Monday September 23rd. They will be doing a community cleanup with the local elementary schools. Click here for more information.


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Here Comes the Sun – A Presentation on Solar Energy for Homes and Residential Buildings.

Join USGBC Wyoming for a presentation on alternative energy systems for homes and residential buildings with a focus on solar energy.  Milton Geiger of the UW School of Energy Resources will be conducting the presentation.

The event will be streamed online as an interactive webinar. A live screening will be held in Jackson at the Teton County Library with local energy experts present and in Laramie at the Energy Innovation Center, Questar Conference room, UW.

If you cannot make it in person register here for the online webinar.

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The USGBC Wyoming Chapter wants to help YOU get to Greenbuild San Francisco!  In our meeting held on Oct 5th in Jackson Hole, the Board of Directors elected to pay for the registration costs of two individuals.

Interested?  Want to apply?  This sponsorship is available for all current USGBC Wyoming Members.  Not a member?  Join right now.  You can either email us a nice letter or email a short video (2 min. max) pleading your case to get to Greenbuild!  Preference will be given to video applications.

Get your letters or videos together because the deadline is 5:00pm on October 19th! We will let applicants know who we’ll be sponsoring by October 21st.

Need more reasons to attend Greenbuild?  Here’s a few…oh, and don’t forget, Grammy Award winning TRAIN is playing the opening.

Send all submissions to!  Send questions to the same address.

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Applications Extended to May 28! Apply Now for the Emerging Professionals National Committee Recruitment Chair

As we strive to reach our goal of recruiting 5,000 Emerging Professionals within the next three years and establishing a pipeline of competent, well-equipped green building leaders, the role of the Emerging Professionals National Committee (EPNC) has never been more important. Currently, the committee seeks to fill four open positions (job description), so if you or someone you know (all ages welcome) want to make an impression on the green building movement, please consider applying by May 28. Email with any questions.

Rick Fedrizzi/USGBC says thank you to the Credential Holders:

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It’s been fun to see the activity surrounding #ChapterChat over the past several weeks!

Not familiar with #ChapterChat?  Simply put, it is a conversation that happens weekly on Friday at 12pm Mountain Time [2pm Eastern] in which we pick a topic to discuss via Twitter that has to do with strengthening the USGBC Chapter Network. Typically there are three questions posed to which anyone can answer or provide comment and insight.

Here’s a link to an archived conversation about Grants which was hosted by USGBC Staff Cindy Thompson.

The tentative topic schedule for the next several weeks looks like this:

Apr 20: Volunteer Recruitment
Apr 27: USGBC Students – host: Vanessa Santos/USGBC
May 04: Credentialing
May 11: Community Green – host: Vanessa Santos/USGBC
May 18: Education/Programming
May 25: Regional Priority Credits
Jun 01: Biomimicry
Jun 08: Regenerative Design
Jun 15: Affecting Building Codes
Jun 22: Green Apple Day of Service – host: Emily Knupp/USGBC
Jun 29: Partnerships
Jul 06: Fundraiding
Jul 13: Social Media – host: Jennifer Easton/USGBC
Jul 20: Chapter Leader Retreat
Jul 27: Chapter Leader Retreat
Aug 03: Communications/Marketing – host: William Nutt/USGBC
Aug 10: Study Groups

We invite you to join us for #ChapterChat, and share your experience and thoughts about these topics!

If you’re not familiar with how to participate in a Twitter conversation like this, we’ve made a short video to help out:

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Welcome to the USGBC Wyoming Chapter Blog – Smart Building in Wyoming!

Why smart building?

Designers, architects, builders and the community as a whole are always looking for ways to do things better, more efficient – this is smart.

Usually being more efficient and improving the way we do something is better for the environment which is what we are about here at the US Green Building Council Wyoming Chapter.

This blog aims to showcase the projects, businesses, people and events in Wyoming that are:

  • building smart
  • building more efficient
  • and building something better for our future generations

Use this blog for inspiration or ideas and feel free to share any of your ideas with us by emailing:

While most of us live and work in Wyoming because we love it we will occasionally highlight something from outside the state for inspiration.

Check back often and enjoy!

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Submittal Deadline: Sunday, March 18, 2012, 5 p.m. Pacific Time

USGBC is now accepting proposals for potential presenters and topics for the Chapter Leader Retreat and Green Schools Symposium at the Mid-Year Meeting. These sessions are intended for attendees of both the Retreat and the Symposium (education sessions will be shared) and should support chapter leaders in establishing healthy, vibrant organizations that are delivering on USGBC’s mission. Topics can include governance, programming, communications, leadership, facilitation, fundraising and more.

For more information:


L-R Michael Foote, Pat Davis, Brendan Schulte, Deb Kleinman, Rich Reese, Michael Ziemann, and 50% of Jesse Stover

We had a great first day of meetings yesterday at NOLS International Headquarters in Lander, Wyoming.  Our many thanks to John and the staff for their hospitality and organization. We continued the fun at the Cowfish and Lander Bar last night. This morning, we’re gearing up for more strategic planning and looking forward to setting new goals and finding ways to further our mission.

Hey, it’s Friday! Do you know what that means? It’s #ChapterChat on Twitter at 1pm Eastern Time! Don’t know what any of that means? Take a look at the following video for more information.  Join the conversation!

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In case you missed the announcement in late 2010, USGBC announced a new program called LEED Automation [read news release].  Part of LEED Automation led to the creation of the App Lab [read news release], which hopefully becomes the hub for a number of third-party applications that will streamline our interface with LEED submittals and information.  Take a minute and check out the current apps in place on the USGBC App Lab page!

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Recent article which discusses the Army’s position on LEED:

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